Made in California: Presentations from California Grown Startups

Made in California: Presentations from California Grown Startups



California’s venture capital isn’t invested solely in tech and software. The Golden State is quickly developing fertile ground, in regions throughout the state, for cultivating manufacturing startups. These start-ups have revitalized the state’s reputation as a hub of industrial innovation as they look to utilize advanced manufacturing techniques to grow their companies and deliver innovative products. This session will showcase a selection of manufacturers, incubators and entrepreneurs who are leveraging regional characteristics to drive innovation and continue to ensure that the future is made in California.


Dorothy Rothrock, President, California Manufacturers & Technology Association


Ian Coll McEachern, Co-Founder, Open Agriculture Supply; Owner and Consultant, Nerdian Inc.

Gordon Fowler, President and CEO, 3fold Communications

Gabe Grifoni, CEO and Co-Founder, Rufus Labs

Susie Harborth, General Partner and CFO, BioInnovation Capital

Stella Kramer, Scientist and Co-Founder, Sun Genomics

Carmen Palafox, Partner, Make in LA Capital Advisors

Dolly Singh, Founder and CEO, ThesisCouture

Ken Sunshine, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer, Vector Launch, Inc.

Published November 16, 2017