Lessons Learned: Mitigating the Next Crisis

Summer Series 2020

Lessons Learned: Mitigating the Next Crisis



After heeding the lessons from 2008-2009, leaders of the financial sector were equipped to step in as needed during the current crisis. As economies continue to lift restrictions and recover from one of the steepest declines on record, it's time to analyze the lessons learned and identify needed change.

The next crisis—be it climate change, the inequality gap, or retirement systems—is undoubtedly in the making. As we prepare to meet it, we must address crucial questions: Will we be able to transform a system that many believe does not work for them anymore and build a more equitable society? And what role do money managers have beyond their investment mandate and allocating capital to companies that make a social contribution to global challenges?


Andy Serwer, Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Finance


Tom Finke, Chairman and CEO, Barings

Penny Pennington, Managing Partner, Edward Jones

Emmanuel Roman, Managing Director and CEO, PIMCO

Published July 16, 2020