Jobs of the Future

Asia Summit 2019

Jobs of the Future




Technology and digitization are dismantling our conceptions of work. As advancements in artificial intelligence and cloud computing occur, firms must accustom themselves to these changes or risk falling behind. It is estimated that nearly 50% of current work activities are already automatable and a consensus has emerged that the workers will need a drastically different set of skills to maintain employment. What will the next generation of jobs look like? What essential skills should the next generation workforce be equipped with to meet technological demands and how can organizations invest in the development of their human capital? How can we build on increasing productivity to ensure that the jobs of the future provide shared prosperity?

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Karen Gilchrist

Reporter, Make It, CNBC Singapore



Kevin Aluwi

Co-Founder, GO-JEK


Feon Ang

Vice President, Talent and Learning Solutions, APAC LinkedIn


Jeanne Lim

CEO, Hanson Robotics


Stephanie Nash

Global Chief People Officer, ChapmanCG


Jon-Paul Pritchard

Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Dyson

Published September 29, 2019