The Internationalization of Cannabis

The Internationalization of Cannabis



Cannabis legalization is going global, presenting the industry and investors with new opportunities and new risks. Medicinal use is now legal in such countries as Argentina, Australia, Germany, Israel, Italy, and Mexico, while both medicinal and recreational use are legal in Canada, several states in the United States, and Uruguay. Additionally, markets are starting to open in Europe, Latin America, and beyond. Worldwide, legal cannabis sales could reach $57 billion by 2027. What is the international cannabis landscape? How do markets differ in the US versus internationally? Is the cannabis industry heading toward a boom or bust?

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Jane Wells

Special Correspondent, CNBC



Daniel Barclay

CEO, BMO Capital Markets


Benjamin Bronfman

Co-Founder, Dioscorides Global Holdings LLC


Ben Kovler

Founder and CEO, Green Thumb Industries


Bruce Linton

CEO, Canopy Growth Corp.


Neil Mahapatra

Managing Partner, Kingsley Capital Partners; Chairman, Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies