Innovation Hubs: Revolutionizing Urban Frameworks

Asia Summit 2019

Innovation Hubs: Revolutionizing Urban Frameworks




What moves urban centers from being business-friendly to business-exciting? Beyond the basics--a stable economic and political regime, supportive regulatory, legal, and financial institutions, good infrastructure, and a pool of talent--cities are increasingly integrating technology and urban design to improve efficiency, enhance sustainability, and boost competitiveness in an already competitive global market. How can urban planners, developers, and governments find an optimal blend of technology and a human-centric approach to ensure a better quality of life and unlock savings and attract investment when developing these innovation hubs?

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Hugh Andrew

Managing Director, BlackRock



Andrew Cross

Assistant Chief Financial Officer, Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank


Emmanuel Lagarrigue

Chief Innovation Officer, Schneider Electric


Ahmed Saeed

Vice-President East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Asian Development Bank


Ole Scheeren

Architect and Principal, Buro Ole Scheeren

Published September 28, 2019