How the Next Generation Is Redefining Social Impact

How the Next Generation Is Redefining Social Impact



We are in the midst of the greatest wealth transfer in human history: $60 trillion will be inherited over the next 55 years. The Gen Xers and millennials who will be inheriting most of these fortunes have already begun implementing new approaches to the way they do business, how they invest, and how they generate social impact. They are idealistic, altruistic generations who are aligning their investments to their values and infusing creativity into their philanthropy. A panel of influential, young global citizens will detail how they are revolutionizing the philanthropic landscape—and changing commercial business along the way.

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Maura Donlan
Director, Center for Strategic Philanthropy, Milken Institute

Simone Friedman
Head of Philanthropy and Impact Investment, EJF Philanthropies

John Kluge, Jr.
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Alight Fund

Suzanne Sinegal McGill
Co-Founder and President, Rwanda Girls Initiative

John R. Seydel
Director of Sustainability, Mayor's Office of Resilience, City of Atlanta; Trustee, Turner Foundation

Published July 4, 2018