A Good Man: What's Happened to American Masculinity?


A Good Man: What's Happened to American Masculinity?



American masculinity has always been unique. Forged in the country's origin story and polished to a high sheen by Hollywood over the decades, being a "real man" is a concept now under cultural and social scrutiny. At a time when the notion of masculinity has been distorted by prominent men into a toxic caricature, men and women need to respond thoughtfully. What are the right ways to be a man in contemporary America? Who have roles in forging the definition of what it takes to be a man?

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Michelle Kydd Lee
Chief Innovation Officer, CAA



Ted Bunch
Chief Development Officer and Co-Founder, A CALL TO MEN


Wade Davis
Former NFL Player, Corporate Inclusion Advisor and Educator


David French
Senior Writer, National Review


Matthew McGorry
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Inspire Justice, LLC