Global Overview: Measuring the Winds of Change

Global Overview: Measuring the Winds of Change



In a world that often seems consumed by populism and a winner-take-all economy, driving shared prosperity is top of mind. While global policy continues in a state of flux—surrounding trade, recession fears, and, yes, Brexit—living standards continue to rise as technology leaps forward and economies continue their slow but steady growth. But how can we ensure that we engage and deal with the issues that could unsettle society while expanding opportunities across countries? This session will dissect some of the most pressing global challenges to get to the underlying factors of what moves the world today.

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Nicholas Kristof

Columnist, The New York Times



Jane Harman

Director, President, and CEO, the Wilson Center; Former Congresswoman


His Excellency Paul Kagame

President of Rwanda


Lord Mandelson

Chairman, Global Counsel; former UK First Secretary of State and EU Trade Commissioner


Michael Pillsbury

Director, Center on Chinese Strategy, Hudson Institute; Author, "The Hundred-Year Marathon"


Columnist, The New York Times