The Future of Human Performance

The Future of Human Performance



What separates high achievement and undisputed mastery; raw talent and world champion? From the realm of business, sports, science, and entertainment, five elite performers will distill the powerful methods, habits, mindsets, and belief systems that allowed them to overcome almost every barrier imaginable—mental, physical, or emotional—on their unique paths to success. And therein lies the paradox: The lessons learned by the elite can be employed by the rest of us to blow past self-imposed boundaries and achieve the extraordinary.

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Paul von Zielbauer
Director, Global Programming, Milken Institute



Joe Dumars
Three-time NBA Champion; Former President of Basketball Operations, Detroit Pistons


Jessica Green
CEO and Co-Founder, Phylagen, Inc.


Colin O'Brady
Professional Athlete and 4x World Record Holder


Gene Simmons
Co-Founder, KISS; Chief Evangelist Officer, Invictus


Andy Walshe
Founding Partner, Liminal Collective; Human Performance Expert


Published May 31, 2019