Fighting Fake News: Can You Handle The Truth?

Asia Summit 2019

Fighting Fake News: Can You Handle The Truth?




Fake news has had an outsized societal impact, influencing major events such as political elections by spreading fear and division. It often spreads faster than fact-checkers and authoritative media sources can keep up. Even defining fake news can be a challenge, given the significant grey area between controversial opinions and deliberate falsehoods. As many countries and social media companies look to stem the tide of misinformation, what lessons can we draw from fake news laws already being implemented in countries across Asia? Who can best assess the fine line between combating misinformation and censoring opinion? And what role can the news media, corporations, government, and individuals play in this process?

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Jonathan McClory

General Manager, Asia, Portland



Warren Fernandez

Editor-in-Chief, The Straits Times


Ellana Lee

Senior Vice President and Managing Editor, Asia Pacific, CNN International


Gary Liu

CEO, South China Morning Post


Maria A. Ressa

CEO and Executive Editor, Rappler Inc.

Published September 28, 2019