Family Businesses: Sustaining the "Trust Advantage" in a Complex World

Asia Summit 2019

Family Businesses: Sustaining the "Trust Advantage" in a Complex World




Family businesses in Asia play a significant role in the economies and societies in which they operate. They are accorded a higher degree of trust by key stakeholders--consumers, customers, partners, and employees--compared to other types of organizations. This trust factor is an important source of competitive advantage but is becoming even more challenging to maintain as the world evolves with greater digitization, data flows, and 24/7 scrutiny. As family businesses look at preserving their legacy and leaving a strong foundation, what are they doing to build a robust 'trust strategy' for securing the future?

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Alison Kennedy

Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, ASEAN, Accenture



Justin Blake

Global Head, Family Business and Leadership Positioning, Edelman


Binod Chaudhary

Chairman, CG Corp. Global


Vinod Sekhar

Chairman and Group Chief Executive, The Petra Group


Chairul Tanjung

Founder and Chairman, CT Corp


Fernando Zobel de Ayala

President and Chief Operating Officer, Ayala Corporation

Published September 29, 2019