eSports: Will Competitive Gaming Be the Next Major Sport?

eSports: Will Competitive Gaming Be the Next Major Sport?



Global esports revenues are expected to jump 38 percent in 2018 to nearly $1 billion, and by 2021 should hit $1.65 billion. Likewise, the worldwide audience of competitive gamers and enthusiasts has tripled to more than 550 million over the past five years. Learn how esports leagues are forming in cities around the globe, and how investors can tap into the highly desirable base of cyber-athletic millennials to increase revenue, establish lucrative sponsorships, and evolve the industry into a financially dynamic enterprise that competes with traditional sports.

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Dean Takahashi
Lead Writer, GamesBeat, VentureBeat

Steven Cohen
Executive Vice President, The Anschutz Corporation; Chief Strategy Officer, Anschutz Entertainment Group

Ann Hand
CEO and Chairman, Super League Gaming

Ramon Hermann
Director of eSports, Tencent America

Nate Nanzer
Commissioner, Overwatch League, Blizzard Entertainment

Kent Wakeford
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, KSV eSports

Published July 3, 2018