Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Company Culture


Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Company Culture



Great leaders make big bold bets, take risks, have an eye for talent, and know the value of human capital. They surround themselves with the best and the brightest, monetize smart, and are forward-thinking. They have a willingness to listen, a craving to learn, and a desire to support their teams and communities. They know their businesses better than anybody else does, but know when to delegate. Their passion, pride, and vision for their companies, brands, and employees is contagious. Their workplace cultures demand honesty, respect, trust, and diversity. Hear an esteemed group of industry leaders, trendsetters, and visionaries discuss how they rise to the highest level of excellence as they navigate daily cultural and technological changes and challenges.

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Gayle King, Co-Host, CBS This Morning

Tim Armstrong, CEO, Oath
Tyler Perry, Actor, Producer, Director; CEO, Tyler Perry Studios
Jeremy Zimmer, CEO and Co-Founder, United Talent Agency

Published April 27, 2018