Enterprising Families at the Forefront of Business in Mexico

Enterprising Families at the Forefront of Business in Mexico



Mexican families control some of the world's most successful companies in categories that range from building materials to telecom, broadcasting, financial services, and food. As Mexico reorders its global trade partnerships and confronts political challenges at home, many family business groups are undergoing a generational and cultural shift that will have great influence on the country's future. Experts across sectors will address Mexico's place in the global economy and prospects for prosperity, touching on business leadership, succession, and social responsibility, as well as governance and transparency in public institutions and the private sector.

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Cate Ambrose
President and Executive Director, Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association

Alonso Díaz Etienne
Founding Partner and Managing Partner, Gerbera Capital

Gina Diez Barroso
President and CEO, Grupo Diarq SA de CV

Nicolás Mariscal Servitje
CEO, Marhnos SA de CV

Published July 3, 2018