Emerging Markets: Opportunities in a Crowded Trade


Emerging Markets: Opportunities in a Crowded Trade



The global economic slowdown and the US-China trade dispute cast a shadow over the growth prospects for emerging-market economies. Despite fundamentals that historically have boosted emerging-market growth, the strong dollar, pause in Federal Reserve policy tightening, and Chinese slowdown are palpable risks that emerging-market investors must navigate in the short-to-intermediate term. This session will examine the efficacy of one of the most crowded trades: shifting incremental investments away from US opportunities and toward those in emerging market. What specific risks and vulnerabilities are likely in the face of a prolonged Fed pause, continued ECB easing, stronger dollar, and the deepening China slowdown? What regional or country-specific influences and opportunities among emerging markets would offset such risks? Which emerging-market economies and asset classes offer the best risk-reward tradeoff now?

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William Lee

Chief Economist, Milken Institute



Hani Buttikhi

Vice Chairman, KBBO Group; Chief Investment Officer and Executive Director, NMC Healthcare


Penny Foley

Group Managing Director, Emerging Markets, The TCW Group


Anita Marangoly George

Executive Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships and Growth Markets, CDPQ India


Bart Turtelboom

CEO and Executive Director, APQ Global