The Business of Sports

The Business of Sports



Being successful and profitable in the multibillion-dollar sports industry - from traditional franchises to entertainment-oriented operations and broadcasting companies - requires executives with not only bottom-line acumen, but the ability to manage exceptionally talented personalities, nurture lasting ties with fans, and continually stay abreast of and implement innovative media strategies.

How are the revenue streams of these diverse organizations evolving?
How do these businesses keep their branding fresh and flexible, especially when challenged by adverse news or shifting personnel?
How have community service needs evolved over the past decade, and how will they change going forward?


Liz Habib, Main Sports Anchor, KTTV Fox Los Angeles

Dan Beckerman, President and CEO, AEG
Ed Glazer, Co-Owner and Co-Chairman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Co-Owner and Director, Manchester United
Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer, WWE
David Nathanson, Head of Business Operations, Fox Sports
Andrew Wilson, CEO, Electronic Arts

Published March 14, 2019