Brexit: How Long Does This Carry On?

Brexit: How Long Does This Carry On?




It's official: Great Britain, the land of studied compromise and the stiff upper lip, has become a political soap opera. Parliament has now twice thrown out Prime Minister Theresa May's long-negotiated deal to leave the European Union, and both of the United Kingdom's main political parties, bruised and sullied, have seen their factions splinter into squabbling sub-factions. With Brexit delayed—or possibly headed for a referendum on the 2017 original—what will the damage to the UK and Europe be, and how long can this possibly go on?

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Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson
U.S. Business Editor, Financial Times



Charles Falconer
Partner, Gibson Dunn; Former Secretary of State for Justice, United Kingdom


Jo Johnson
Member of Parliament for Orpington; Former Minister for Transport and Minister for London


Denise Kingsmill
Baroness, House of Lords


Hugh Powell
Former UK Deputy National Security Adviser


Howard Shore
Executive Chairman, Shore Capital Group


Published May 31, 2019