Avoiding War With North Korea

Avoiding War With North Korea



Is the perfect storm brewing on the Korean Peninsula? Provocations from North Korea have once again thrust the reclusive state into the spotlight as the U.S. and its Asian allies grapple with the threat of nuclear war. Geopolitical experts discuss security in East Asia and potential avenues for conflict resolution. How will great-power politics between the U.S. and China influence the outcome? Should the world accept a nuclear North Korea? What would be the consequences for peace and stability in the region?

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Nicholas Kristof, Columnist, New York Times

Jean Lee, Director, Center for Korean History and Public Policy, Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars
Yasuhide Nakayama, Chairman, Foreign Affairs Committee in the Lower House and Member, House of Representatives, Japan; Former State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Japan
John Park, Director, Korea Working Group and Adjunct Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School
Bill Richardson, Former Governor, New Mexico; Former U.S. Negotiator With North Korea

Published April 27, 2018