Avant-Garde in Culture: Philanthropy, Gentrification, and Institutions


Asia Summit 2019

Avant-Garde in Culture: Philanthropy, Gentrification, and Institutions




Philanthropy, institutions, and urban development have a complicated relationship. Property developments go hand-in-hand with regeneration, which is often accompanied by gentrification. Art studios might be lost in the process and artists pushed out. At the same time, developers have realized that the most wanted properties are home to art--be they a hotel lobby, residential apartment or a public space. But some of the most recent developments are ahead of their time: art and culture are at the heart of their operation--open to the public, accessible, and welcoming. This panel discusses how art and philanthropy are linked and how gentrification may impact the philanthropy value of art and what the new generation of art centers, museums, exhibitions, and public programs will look like.

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Princess Alia Al-Senussi

Advisor, Arts and Culture, Milken Institute; UK and MENA Representative, Art Basel



Ute Meta Bauer

Director of Centre for Contemporary Art and Professor, Nanyang Technological University


Kim Camacho

Art Collector


Alan Lo

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Classified Group


John Studzinski

Vice Chairman, PIMCO

Published September 29, 2019