Asset Management Outlook

Asset Management Outlook



The asset management industry has experienced profound changes in regulation and technology in the decade since the financial crisis. With managed global assets expected to reach $145 trillion by 2025, how can asset managers best position themselves to capitalize on shifts in regulation, human capital, new technologies, and customer preferences? Are investors' risk appetites changing, and how are asset managers adjusting their strategies or models for the coming year? What role can asset managers play in fostering good corporate governance? How are emerging technologies like automation and artificial intelligence reshaping asset management?

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Kate Kelly, Reporter, New York Times

Steven Goulart, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, MetLife; President, MetLife Investment Management
Nobel Gulati, CEO, Two Sigma Advisers, LP
David Hunt, President and CEO, PGIM, The Investment Business of Prudential
Ron Mock, President and CEO, Ontario TeachersÂ’ Pension Plan
Ronald O'Hanley, President and Chief Operating Officer, State Street Corp.

Published April 27, 2018