From Aid to Investment: New Models in Development Finance

From Aid to Investment: New Models in Development Finance




Fifty years ago, developing economies relied largely on foreign aid, through loans and grants to governments and NGOs, to facilitate growth. Not surprisingly, developed economies have moved from aid to investment models of financial diplomacy by combining development and investment models. The stability of developing economies has depended upon investments in social and human capital, as well as growth through investments in firms, infrastructure, and commerce by accelerating trade and development. This session will review cutting-edge models and discuss lessons learned through capital structures, financial policies, programs, and products that launch innovative finance models to address this dramatic convergence between developing and developed economies for the 21st century.

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Glenn Yago
Senior Director, Milken Innovation Center, Jerusalem Institute; Senior Fellow and Founder, Financial Innovations Labs, Milken Institute



Richard Blum
Chairman, Blum Capital Partners L.P.; Founder, Blum Centers for Developing Economics, University of California, Berkeley


Michael Kashani
Global Head of ESG Portfolio Management, Fixed Income, Goldman Sachs Asset Management


Jonathan Medved
Founder and CEO, OurCrowd


Stephanie von Friedeburg
Chief Operating Officer, International Finance Corporation