AI: Rebooting the Future of Humanity

Asia Summit 2019

AI: Rebooting the Future of Humanity




The progress of artificial intelligence in outperforming humans has raised profound questions about the future of humanity as this technology advances towards the "Holy Grail" of artificial general intelligence. Despite the promises of AI to solve the world's greatest problems, from wealth inequality to climate change, what will be the long-term impacts of predictive software on society and business? To what extent will AI make decisions for us? How will gender equality and populism evolve when manual work is no longer done by humans? What does the future have in store for humanity and how can we ensure that technology matches our values?

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Ralph Simon

Chairman and CEO, Mobilium Global Limited



Tony Han

Co-Founder and CEO, WeRide


Ralph Haupter

President, Microsoft Asia; Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation


Deven Parekh

Managing Director, Insight Partners


Issei Takino

CEO, Mujin, Inc.

Published September 28, 2019