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For all its benefits to building global prosperity, globalization has in recent years revived a period of great power politics. Nowhere is this jostle for economic, cultural, and security influence more prevalent than in the Asia-Pacific region, where countries must find the balance between competing geopolitical push and pull factors. Will politics or economics be the main driver of US-Asia relations in the years ahead? What impacts might President Biden's Indo-Pacific framework or newly formed security blocs have in reshaping relations among Asia's increasingly wealthy and interconnected countries? Can countries remain politically neutral and still reap the economic benefits of deeper multilateralism throughout the Asia-Pacific region?


Haslinda Amin
Anchor and Chief International Correspondent for Southeast Asia, Bloomberg Television


Reuben Abraham
CEO, Artha Global; Milken Institute Asia Fellow

Parag Khanna
Founder and Managing Partner, FutureMap

Frank Lavin
Founder and Chairman, Export Now

Farah Pandith
Senior Advisor for Thought Leadership, Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream; Author How We Win

John Park
Director, Korea Project, Harvard Kennedy School