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October 18 at 2:00 pm PDT / 5:00 pm EDT

While the world seeks to bring greenhouse gas levels below 350 ppm by 2050, mainly through breakthrough technology and rapid-scale deployment of known low-carbon solutions, the effects of climate change are already upon us and are proving costly. Between now and 2030, a new focus on scaling up investment in resilient infrastructure will be critical if we are to limit the trillion-dollar costs of extreme weather—destroyed infrastructure, crop failure, broken water systems, population displacement, and global economic slowdown. We can avoid or at least limit these costs by investing in resilient infrastructure, and perhaps even redirect the savings to invest in smart mitigation on climate. This panel will tell us how.


Dan Carol
Director, Center for Financial Markets


David Bohigian
Managing Partner, Pluribus Impact Capital

Rob Gramlich
President, Grid Strategies LLC

Melissa Roberts
Executive Director, American Flood Coalition

Stacy Swann
CEO, Climate Finance Advisors