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The Global Future of Work in the Life Sciences

The Global Future of Work in the Life Sciences

The life sciences are a crucially important source of innovation and jobs for communities around the world. Countries compete for global leadership by supporting research and development (R&D) by local firms, laboratories, and universities, as well as investment in manufacturing new technologies, from vaccines to medical devices and tools for digital health. As new challenges—such as a global pandemic—test existing forms of international cooperation in the life sciences, local leaders’ responses are likely to shape the future of work around the world. How should we think about attracting investment through incentives for R&D or manufacturing? How can we create job opportunities, particularly for under-served populations? And what forms of cooperation should we emulate in response to these challenges?


Peter Pellerito
Senior Policy Adviser at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization

Sung Hee Choe
Senior Director at Milken Institute FasterCures