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COVID surges, Monkey Pox, Hep A on strawberries—oh my! Infodemiology is the study of the overabundance of information, both accurate and inaccurate, occurring during an epidemic. During this panel, we will take a deeper look into the flow of health communication and how we are all consuming information differently in the wake of COVID-19, impacting behavior and public health. How are we better at understanding public health risks and behaviors? Has social media's ability to quickly disseminate information affected the physical and mental health of users? Policy makers, health-care providers, and communities have the unique opportunity to leverage lessons from the pandemic, navigate big data sources, and capitalize on the collective heightened health consciousness to improve health.


Richard Tofel
Principal, Gallatin Advisory; Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


Lynn Goldman
Michael and Lori Milken Dean of Public Health, George Washington University

Jennifer Nuzzo
Professor of Epidemiology and Director, Pandemic Center at Brown University

David Rhew
Global Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, Microsoft

Dena Trujillo
CEO, Crisis Text Line