New-to-Export 101 - Strengthening the Capacity of U.S. Regional Economies to Export Abroad


In 2016, the Milken Institute launched New-to-Export 101, a program designed to increase the number of local manufacturers exporting their products abroad by simplifying the export experience and improving the delivery of export-enabling services for new exporters. The program builds on the Institute’s extensive work on expanding opportunities for small business growth and tests some of the strategies called for in an initial analysis we conducted, “Strategies for Expanding California’s Exports."

We focus on new-to-export firms because they represent untapped potential for expansion. U.S. firms do not export at the same rate as firms in many other countries, partly because support for new exporters is limited. However, strengthening the capacity of U.S. regional economies to export internationally is a proven regional economic development strategy that boosts small- and medium-sized business growth, creates jobs, and contributes to regional industry cluster competitiveness.

Updated/Published September 17, 2020