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Transcending Age-Based Divides: The Case for Scaling Intergenerational Solutions

Major demographic changes in the United States are leading to an increasingly multicultural and multigenerational society. By 2030, the percentages of adults aged 65 and older and children under age 18 will be roughly the same, with ethnic and racial minorities constituting the majority of the youth population. Within these shifts lies an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine how individuals of all ages and cultures can integrate into a cohesive sociopolitical and economic framework for the benefit of all.

Informed by leaders comprising the Milken Institute Future of Aging Advisory Board and other expert partners, this issue brief delves into the transformative potential of intentional intergenerational strategies.

Six thematic areas spotlight solutions that counter ageist stereotypes, cultivate shared values, and mobilize generations as beneficial community and organizational resources. From neighborhoods and cities to workplaces and schools, harnessing the power of intergenerational connections can overcome vexing challenges and realize new benefits stemming from increasing diversity.