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State Technology and Science Index 2012

Massachusetts is first -- again -- in the Milken Institute's State Technology and Science Index 2012. The index tracks and evaluates every state's tech and science capabilities -- and their success at converting those assets into companies and high-paying jobs. Conducted every two years for the past decade, the index has found Massachusetts performing in first place in every edition.

The 2012 State Technology and Science Index looks at 79 unique indicators that are categorized into five major components: research and development inputs, risk capital and entrepreneurial infrastructure, human capital investment, technology and science work force, and technology concentration and dynamism. It is one of the most comprehensive examinations of state technology and science assets ever compiled.

The overwhelming trend this year is that technology and science are leading America's economic recovery. Competition at the very top has increased significantly, making it more difficult to break into the top 10. Indeed, the states in the top ten are the same as those in 2010, with only a few changes in rank:

The top 10 (with their previous index rankings in 2010):

1. Massachusetts (1)
2. Maryland (2)
3. California (4)
4. Colorado (3)
5. Washington (6)
6. Virginia (8)
7. Utah (5)
8. Delaware (10)
9. Connecticut (9)
10. New Hampshire (7)