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United States

Global Conference 2024

May 5–8, 2024
Milken Institute Global Conference
The Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles

Shaping a Shared Future

The 27th Milken Institute Global Conference brought together the world’s most influential minds to tackle urgent topics and explore promising opportunities. This gathering was a nexus where those with capital and influence met innovators reshaping health, finance, business, technology, philanthropy, industry, and society.

Under the theme Shaping a Shared Future, the conference delved into pressing issues such as the resurgence of geopolitical conflicts, the ongoing climate crisis, and the complex implications of artificial intelligence. This flagship event was more than a meeting of minds: It was a community coming together to address today’s challenges and seize the opportunity to collectively shape the future. The Global Conference continues to deliver unique experiences, prompting participants to reflect on recent disruptions and innovations and to translate these insights into groundbreaking solutions for tomorrow.

Through fostering open dialogue, the Milken Institute remains committed to building meaningful, healthy, and prosperous lives for all. Check out our 2024 Global Conference Recap Report and learn more about how to partner with us at another one of our signature events or through our finance, health, international, and strategic philanthropy programmatic work.

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Solving Challenges

The 2024 Global Conference will confront the challenges we face across innovation and technology, health and medical research, diversity and inclusion, business and industry, and more.

Thought and Industry Leaders

The 2024 Global Conference will gather 4,000 attendees, including over 1,000 speakers made up of C-suite executives from Fortune 500 companies, global leaders, experts, and innovators who are rethinking health, finance, technology, philanthropy, sports, and media. See the leaders who have the vision and influence to impact change.

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Global Conference 2023 Panels
Watch every public session from last year's Global Conference and gain valuable insights on topics like gene therapies, renewable energy, AI, infrastructure, DEI, and FinTech.
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Funders | AI in Health

AI in Health
Funders for AI in Health

The technology surrounding AI for health is evolving quickly, and academic institutions, health systems, industry, and government bodies are making financial investments to enable scientists and clinicians to adopt these tools more widely. 

While many federal funders and some philanthropic organizations are currently focused on using these tools to understand disease mechanisms, there is a need to ensure tools are being used intentionally and strategically for the long-term benefit of human health. There are many opportunities on the horizon to expand open-data initiatives, facilitate how AI tools are integrated to advance health, and fund the expansion of AI tools across all stages of medicine. 

SPARC’s Funders for AI in Health is a cohort of philanthropic leaders who invest in biomedical research and wish to accelerate the path to progress using the transformative potential of AI.


Join Us


  • Build collaboration among funders looking to leverage AI tools to further medical research.

  • Coordinate and co-fund initiatives to amplify impact.

  • Communicate emerging gaps as the technology advances and provide opportunities for philanthropic funding to fill those gaps.

  • Share insights from the field and offer recommendations on funding to fill gaps. 

Who Can Participate

Funders for AI in Health is for high-impact philanthropists who already fund or are interested in funding biomedical research and recognize the potential for AI to achieve their vision of a healthy world.

Why Participate

  • Become part of a community of peers and subject matter experts.

  • Gain early access to MI SPARC insights and findings on AI in health.

  • Shape the future of how AI tools are used to create equity in medical research and clinical care.

Power of Ideas | Global Conference 2024

Power of Ideas
Global Conference 2024

About the 2024 Power of Ideas Global Conference Collection 

In this Power of Ideas collection, Global Conference speakers share their insights on shaping a shared future, from strategy to sustainability and from partnerships to productivity.

Read the 2024 Global Conference Collection

MAY 5–8, 2024
27th Annual Milken Institute Global Conference

The 2024 Global Conference will convene influential leaders to explore critical issues, from geopolitical hotspots and the ongoing climate crisis to the complexities of artificial intelligence, examining both its potential and impact on global workers, firms, and markets.

Learn More About the Conference

Small Business Policy and Innovation Initiative

Small Business Policy and Innovation

Our Mission

Small businesses, employing half of all private-sector workers and contributing nearly half of the US economic output, face challenges in formation and sustainability, posing risks to economic growth, job creation, and innovation over the past 25 years.

The Milken Institute Small Business Policy and Innovation Initiative conducts research and analysis on macroeconomic trends and policies impacting small businesses and start-ups. Our aim is to offer policy recommendations and program solutions for fostering an entrepreneurial environment that promotes inclusive prosperity across regions and demographics.

Our research and programming focus on understanding the factors and trends influencing the launch, competition, and success of small businesses and start-ups in the modern economy. We focus on the following key areas:

  • Innovative Finance & Equitable Access to Capital

  • Technology & the Internet

  • Workforce Development

By the Numbers


of all businesses in the US are small businesses.


of all new jobs were created by small businesses.


Our innovation rate could quadruple given more equitable access to capital.

How We Implement Our Mission

  • Conducting research and analysis to identify the key challenges small businesses face with a focus on driving change to benefit both traditional small businesses and start-ups

  • Connecting programs, publications, and convenings to policy, regulatory changes, and economic trends that impact the entrepreneurial community

  • Convening founders, investors, business leaders, academic experts, policymakers, government officials, and other key stakeholders to contribute ideas that drive action and benefit the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem

Our Vision and Policy Goals
The evolving landscape of community banking, technology, globalization, and policy changes disproportionately affect small businesses and start-ups, key drivers of job creation and innovation. The Milken Institute Small Business Policy and Innovation Initiative aims to address these challenges with innovative solutions.
More Information
To learn more about this initiative, contact Associate Director of Small Business Policy and Innovation, Kristen Fanarakis.
Contact Kristen