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Community Infrastructure

Public Finance
Community and Climate-Resilient Infrastructure


The Milken Institute Public Finance Program aims to close an expected $10 trillion gap in the funding and financing needed by 2050 to ensure that US infrastructure systems are high-performing, resilient, and equitable for all Americans. We do this by helping underserved areas develop the critical community infrastructure projects they need, from broadband to climate-smart buildings, and by accelerating the pipeline of investable infrastructure projects so that private, impact, institutional, pension, philanthropic, and muni bond capital can partner with public funding to promote long-term sustainable growth and economic competitiveness.  

Our Key Initiatives

•    The Community Infrastructure Center
•    10,000 Communities Initiative
•    Regional Rally Ups 
•    Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Initiative 

Community Infrastructure Center

	CIC_Public Finance

Thousands of underserved and high-need communities in every area of the country often struggle to access the resources they need to build critical community infrastructure and economic development projects, from basic water and energy facilities to climate-smart buildings and housing to the new workforce and entrepreneurial systems that can drive long-term resilience and equitable growth. Launched in September 2022, the Community Infrastructure Center (CIC) serves as a connection point to link communities that have projects with trusted providers who can help with funding and expertise.  

Learn More
•    EDA announcement
•    Predevelopment Accelerator Report
•    Upload your community project
•    Impact briefing: How the Milken Institute is connecting disadvantaged communities with critical project development financing

10,000 Communities Initiative


In partnership with other private and public organizations, the Milken Institute launched the 10,000 Communities Initiative to ensure that cross-sectoral attention, federal technical assistance funding, and impact capital are effectively deployed to the underserved communities that need it most. Despite myriad new federal and state funding opportunities, many urban and rural American communities are struggling to access the capital, capacity, and talent required to build critical community infrastructure projects. We invite organizations to help accelerate and advance these projects by signing onto our letter, which will help amplify the importance of direct support to underserved communities seeking access to capital and capacity.

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•    Read the release
•    Meet the partners
•    Join the Initiative

Regional Rally Ups

Regional Rally Ups Image

The Milken Institute convenes project developers, communities, federal agencies, investors, and philanthropy at regional events across the country to catalyze infrastructure investment. Over the course of several days, the Institute invites experts to participate in panel discussions, project development workshops, and fireside dialogues designed to uncover regional project needs and opportunities, and to support both communities and developers in advancing their projects.

Learn More
•    Midwest Regional Rally up in Cincinnati, Ohio
•    California Strategic Growth Council Catalyst Event in Sacramento, California
•    Southeast Regional Rally up in Atlanta and LaGrange, Georgia
•    Accelerating Clean Energy in Riverside, California
•    National Predevelopment Roundtable in Washington, DC

Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Initiative

MI Finance and MI Philanthropy have joined together to address the $10 trillion gap in funding, financing, and innovation for American infrastructure by 2050. Our Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Initiative aims to have a significant effect on the economy, environment, and communities while building long-term resilience and growth for the United States. We also work to incentivize more effective federal, state, and local outcomes in permitting and procurement, and develop new mid-stage financing mechanisms to facilitate participation of institutional capital in bundled products for project sizes below $200 million. 

The Initiative will deploy all of the proven Milken Institute tools for advancing climate finance outcomes: market-making research, convenings, private strategy sessions, policy dialogues, Financial Innovations Labs, and philanthropic engagement designed to drive outcomes, impact, and deal flow that will build on the momentum of our past initiatives. 

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