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Thriving in Disruption: What Is the Investment Opportunity Set?

2024 Global Conference

Thriving in Disruption: What Is the Investment Opportunity Set?

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
02:30 PM - 03:30 PM PDT

Just over 15 years since the outbreak of the Global Financial Crisis in September 2008, so much yet so little has changed across the capital markets. Markets today are showing signs of stability with the rate-hike cycle expected to be over soon. As many hold their breath in anticipation of rate cuts and consequential cascading relief to the money markets, financial market players still face insurmountable challenges in juggling the fallout of market stresses. Geopolitical competition, volatility, liquidity concerns, net zero transition and various risk factors have different impacts on asset classes. What are investors looking at—broad range economic indicators and market-specific considerations alike—as a basis for asset allocation and disruption? What lessons have we learnt from previous crises that still hold true? In defining a new age of investing ahead, what are the imperatives and cornerstones?

Carol Massar
TV and Radio Anchor, Bloomberg Media
Sean Dobson
CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Amherst
Laurence Gottlieb
CEO, Fundamental Advisors
Shyam Rajan
Global Head of Fixed Income, Citadel Securities
Dana Settle
Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Greycroft
Scott Spielvogel
Managing Partner, One Rock Capital Partners