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Blow Wind, Blow: The Sails of Asset Management

2024 Global Conference

Blow Wind, Blow: The Sails of Asset Management

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
02:30 PM - 03:30 PM PDT

For many asset managers, private markets remain the largest opportunity set in today’s challenging lending environment and complex macroeconomic conditions. Yet are private markets the answer to it all? Operating amid the radical shift in investment regimes, investors have had to react and adapt quickly to balance the dual objectives of mitigating risks and enhancing returns. How are macroeconomic factors affecting pricing, valuations and therefore profitability? What are investors careful about today and feel optimistic about for tomorrow? Do we see regional differentiation? What return drivers remain in the marketplace? Are asset managers battening down the hatches or sailing into the wind? 

Yana Morris
Chief Content Officer, ION Analytics
Eric Aboaf
Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer, State Street
Eric Adler
President and CEO, PGIM Private Alternatives
Cheryl Alston
Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer, Dallas Employees' Retirement Fund
Daniel Garant
Executive Vice President and Global Head, Public Markets, BCI
Don Mullen
Founder and CEO, Pretium