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AI: Hope, Hype, and Headwinds

2024 Global Conference

AI: Hope, Hype, and Headwinds

Monday, May 6, 2024
01:05 PM - 02:00 PM PDT

As the hype and headwinds surrounding AI have cleared somewhat over the last year, hope and belief in this technology’s potential to transform the world as we know it remain as strong as ever—and with good reason. The latest advancements, while nascent, suggest AI will revolutionize not only how we work, live, and play, but even what it means to think and be human. While we must remain mindful of AI’s financial, environmental, and societal challenges, let’s look at how AI might surprise us with exciting possibilities and positive impact in the months ahead. 

David Faber
Journalist and Anchor, CNBC
Ashton Kutcher
General Partner, Sound Ventures
Clara Shih
CEO, Salesforce AI
Aravind Srinivas
CEO and Co-Founder, Perplexity
Matt Wood
Vice President, Artificial Intelligence Products, Amazon Web Services