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Institutional Investors: Staying the Course or Catching the Wave

2024 Global Conference

Institutional Investors: Staying the Course or Catching the Wave

Wednesday, May 8, 2024
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Amid yet another year of change and instability across the investment landscape, institutional investors are grappling with mounting economic, social, political, and environmental challenges as they work to position their portfolios for success. From addressing market volatility to inflation and persistently high interest rates to managing geopolitical risk, investors continue to remain focused on mitigating risks and maximizing returns. In navigating this landscape, what do they envision for the future, and how are they preparing for it as they invest for the long-term? In what ways are allocators approaching the introduction of new technologies and artificial intelligence? What new markets and geographies have the most potential for high returns? 

Christopher Ailman
Chief Investment Officer, Investments, California State Teachers' Retirement System
Amy Diamond
Chief Investment Officer, University of Southern California Investment Office
Allison Hill
State Chief Investment Officer, Queensland Investment Corporation
Molly Murphy
Chief Investment Officer, Orange County Employees Retirement System
Bei Saville
Chief Investment Officer, Treasury and Fingerboard Family Office, Advance
Liz Tulach
Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Boeing