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Journalism Today: New Voices, New Models, New Methods

2024 Global Conference

Journalism Today: New Voices, New Models, New Methods

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM PDT

As the media landscape is transformed, traditional and nontraditional outlets are exploring new frontiers in journalism. Traditional media are reinventing themselves, embracing digital platforms to enhance storytelling and engage with audiences in newly meaningful ways. Innovation in narrative techniques—such as immersive journalism using VR, interactive articles, and podcasts—is changing how stories are told and received. Meanwhile, nontraditional media, including independent journalists and content creators, are leveraging social media and other online platforms to amplify diverse voices and offer alternative perspectives. These new voices bring fresh, dynamic content that resonates with a global audience, challenging conventional news models. The change comes with a need for robust verification practices to maintain credibility. Join this discussion with industry pioneers shaping the future of news and journalism through modern modalities. 

Josh Barro
Writer and Podcast Host, Very Serious
Carlissia Graham
President, New Media Ventures
Nicholas Johnston
Publisher, Axios Media
Jon Kelly
Co-Founder, Puck
Janice Min
Editor in Chief, The Ankler; CEO, Ankler Media
Kimi Yoshino
Editor in Chief, The Baltimore Banner