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Part 2: Globalization 2.0: New Paradigms in Innovation and Integration

2023 Global Conference

Part 2: Globalization 2.0: New Paradigms in Innovation and Integration

Monday, May 1, 2023
04:15 PM - 05:00 PM PDT
Beverly Hilton - Whittier

Globalization is in a period of reconfiguration. The last several decades saw the deepening interconnectedness of value chains, trade flows, financial markets, digitalization of systems, and migration of labor and skills. More recent history, however, has recorded disruptions to the flow of goods, products, and services across borders, together with increased protectionist measures. As globalization transforms into its next iteration, how might institutions adapt their operational models and organizational systems to maintain cross-border innovation and economic efficiencies? How can technology and digitalization help address new macro-challenges and unlock opportunities for more segments? How can leaders ensure that this next iteration of globalization is more sustainable and reduces environmental impact? 

Tracey Woon
Member, GIC Investment Board; Milken Institute Asia Fellow
His Excellency H.E. Faisal Alibrahim
Minister of Economy and Planning, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ridwan Kamil
Governor of West Java Province, Indonesia
Pat Patel
Executive Director, Elevandi
Peter Pernot-Day
Global Head of Strategy and Corporate Affairs, SHEIN