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Can Biotechs Bounce Back?

2023 Global Conference

Can Biotechs Bounce Back?

Tuesday, May 2, 2023
08:30 AM - 09:30 AM PDT
Beverly Hilton - Whittier

After a historic sell-off with stocks plummeting by more than 50 percent, can biotech bounce back? What might be driving this disinvestment despite increased new drug approvals by the FDA and generally higher interest in the sector? Is the disinvestment a result of the increased focus on platform technologies and trends such as artificial intelligence? These may be short-term setbacks, so what does the near future look like for this critical sector? Will innovation continue to drive growth? Where are the areas of greatest opportunity and unmet need?  

Lisa Suennen
CEO, Venture Valkyrie Consulting
Christopher Austin
CEO-Partner, Vesalius Therapeutics, Flagship Pioneering
Luciana Borio
Venture Partner, ARCH Venture Partners
Wei Fu
CEO, CBC Group
Pablo Legorreta
Founder and CEO, Royalty Pharma
Jim Tananbaum
Founder and CEO, Foresite Capital Management, LLC