Finance as a Force for Good

2020 Global Conference

Finance as a Force for Good



October 15 at 12:30 pm PDT/3:30 pm EDT


Free markets have elevated billions of people out of poverty. Yet the title of this session—Finance as a Force for Good—would earn more eye-rolling than approving nods from most of today's society. Is the skeptical perception due to the still-vivid aftermath of the Great Recession and the current pandemic? Or does it reflect a much more profound shift in society's view of financial markets? Either way, there are lessons to be learned and changes needed for the future. Should regulatory measures ensure that markets allocate money to companies that make a societal contribution to global challenges, or can we trust markets to achieve the most desirable outcome through demand and supply.



Kate Barton
Global Vice Chair, Tax, EY

Mark Machin
President and CEO, CPP Investments

Jeffrey Solomon
Chairman and CEO, Cowen Group

Andrew Weinberg
Founder, Managing Partner and CEO, Brightstar Capital Partners



Ben White
Chief Economic Correspondent, POLITICO

Published October 15, 2020