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Building Equity in Entrepreneurship

Building Equity in Entrepreneurship

October 14 at 1:30 pm PDT/4:30 pm EDT

The American Dream is inextricably linked with entrepreneurship and innovation. Now more than ever before, it is important that historically under-resourced entrepreneurs, innovators, change-makers, and leaders receive the recognition and resources they need to implement their visions. This panel will highlight three companies that are strategically focused on equity in the field of entrepreneurship, as well as entrepreneurs who have engaged with these companies and implemented their visions to make an impact in their communities and beyond.


Kerry Healey

President, Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream


Nikki Barua

Co-Founder and CEO, Beyond Barriers

Marlon Nichols

Managing General Partner, MaC Venture Capital

Asahi Pompey

Managing Director, Global Head of Corporate Engagement, Goldman Sachs; President, Goldman Sachs Foundation

Linda Rottenberg

Co-Founder and CEO, Endeavor

Dana White

Founder and CEO, Paralee Boyd

Rodney Williams

Chief Commercial Officer, LISNR