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Emerging Venture Philanthropists Investing for Patient Impact

Emerging Venture Philanthropists Investing for Patient Impact

December 7 at 7:30 am PT/10:30 am ET


Venture philanthropy can be narrowly defined as philanthropic capital invested in for-profit ventures to achieve both social and financial returns. But venture philanthropy is also a mindset, one that views all funding as an investment with expectations of efficiency and oversight, and with the goals of supporting innovation and tolerating high levels of risk. Non-profits in the biomedical space are increasingly adopting a venture-philanthropy approach to advance new treatments, while using investment profits to fuel additional R&D activities. In this session you will hear from an emerging cadre of nonprofit innovators offering solutions that address the unmet needs of patients—and the rest of the biomedical ecosystem.


Danielle Carnival

Katrin Ericson
Executive Director, The RUNX1 Research Program

Melissa Kennedy
Executive Director, International Rett Syndrome Foundation

Emily Kramer-Golinkoff
Co-Founder, Emily's Entourage

Wen Hwa Lee
CEO, Action Against AMD; Co-Director Affordable Medicines, Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford


Margaret Anderson
Consulting Managing Director, Strategy and Analytics, Deloitte