Restoring Public Trust in our Information Ecosystem

2020 Asia Summit

Restoring Public Trust in our Information Ecosystem



December 10 at 4:30 pm SGT


How can we preserve freedom of expression on the internet while ensuring that the content doesn't cause harm? What responsibility do the players in the information ecosystem, including social and legacy media, have in balancing the need for accuracy and the free flow of information in a manner that restores public trust? The panel will seek to answer these questions by addressing areas of mutual concern and by showcasing collaborative efforts on such issues as digital literacy and inclusiveness, academic research partnerships, coalition-building between interest groups, and the role of government regulation.

*This session will be hosted live at the Marina Bay Sands on Wednesday, December 9.



Gary Liu 
CEO, South China Morning Post

Irene Jay Liu
News Lab Lead, Google

Kathleen Reen
Senior Director, Public Policy and Philanthropy APAC, Twitter


Carol Soon
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Policy Studies, National University of Singapore


Published December 10, 2020