CEOs Building Businesses in a Transformed World

2020 Asia Summit

CEOs Building Businesses in a Transformed World



December 8 at 9:15 am SGT


Firms across virtually all industry sectors are facing an increasing need to adapt to an online tech-centric world. To navigate this trend successfully, institutions need visionary leadership and new talent pools. What are leaders doing to position their firms for a future so difficult to predict? How are they balancing human talent with rapidly advancing technology? What should firms do to ensure that their strategies for transformation keep them relevant?

Opening remarks

Laura Deal Lacey
Executive Director, Asia, Milken Institute 


Brady Dougan
Founder and CEO, Exos Financial

Piyush Gupta
CEO, DBS Group

Salil Parekh
CEO and Managing Director, Infosys Limited

Igor Tulchinsky
Founder, Chairman and CEO, WorldQuant


Oriel Morrison 
Co-Founder and CEO, RINQE

Published December 8, 2020