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December 8 at 10 am SG

As the United States moves past the 2020 elections, the domestic and international challenges confronting the nation in the new year are becoming clearer, as are the potential solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic and its corresponding economic impact appear to be on the rise again; addressing these issues will undoubtedly be the top priority. But in addition to confronting the pandemic, US policymakers face a number of choices related to an evolving international system and the US role within it. Decisions need to be made on the appropriate path forward in key areas such as trade and climate change. The course of engagement with international institutions must be determined, including the extent to which such institutions need to be reformed to reflect 21st-century realities. In this session, panelists will examine these crucial issues facing the US in 2021 and beyond.


Bob Corker
Former Chairman, US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

Richard Haass
President, Council on Foreign Relations


Gerard Baker 
Editor-at-Large, The Wall Street Journal