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The AI Edge: Advancing Beyond Automation

The AI Edge: Advancing Beyond Automation

December 8 at 1:15 pm SGT


Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming how we behave and transact. Automation has helped to improve the efficiency of numerous services and reduce costs for businesses. But much of today's technology remains "dumb and dutiful": chat-bots, computer vision and facial recognition, digital assistance and analytics software, and self-driving technology, for example, all remain narrowly constrained within the parameters of human-centric, pre-programmed algorithms. What's the future of AI beyond automation and its place in human lives? Will human biases ever be removed from the algorithms, and if so, how would that affect AI decision-making? What are key real-world applications of AI over the next decade, and where might challenges to implementation arise?


Hiroaki Kitano
President and CEO, Sony Computer Science Laboratories

David Liu
Founder and CEO, Plus

Wanli Min
Founder and CEO, North Summit Capital; former Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist, Alibaba

Vivienne Ming
Founder and Executive Chair, Socos Lab


John Artman
Technology Editor, South China Morning Post