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Amy Wilkinson

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Amy Wilkinson

CEO, Ingenuity
Amy Wilkinson

Amy Wilkinson is a renowned innovation expert, Founder and CEO of Ingenuity, and a Stanford Business School faculty member celebrated for her ability to merge academic insights with real-world business acumen. Specializing in high-growth ventures, Wilkinson has distilled lessons from over 200 top entrepreneurs -- including founders of Airbnb, LinkedIn, and SpaceX -- into her global bestseller, “The Creator’s Code: The Six Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs” (Simon & Schuster, 2016).

With a background that spans the White House, Harvard, and Wall Street, Wilkinson uniquely bridges the worlds of business, technology, and policy. Her expertise as a former White House Fellow and trade advisor provides her audience with unparalleled insights into how policymaking impacts global business, making her talks a strategic resource for CEOs and policymakers alike.

Recognized as an innovation expert by the World Economic Forum and Wall Street Journal, Wilkinson has contributed to a wide variety of media platforms. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations and public company boards of HUT 8 Corp (HUT) and Innovate Corp (VATE), as well as several Silicon Valley startups, she continuously shapes discussions that matter.