Connecting with the Next Generation of Consumers

Connecting with the Next Generation of Consumers



Young people have become a potent influence on how shoppers purchase products and relate to brands. Consumer trends are clearly moving towards individual expression, label avoidance, and a mobilization of purchasing power to align with a variety of causes. How are brands responding to these demands? And as a company's relationship with its consumers becomes increasingly more important, how is community development becoming a key component of its brand and marketing strategy? Digital marketing is proliferating and consumer data increasingly more integral and available, so just how are brands strategically engaging with the next generation?

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Jenni Avins

Global Lifestyle Correspondent, Quartz



Jonathan Neman

Co-Founder and CEO, sweetgreen


Cecilia Qvist

Global Head of Markets, Spotify


Jen Rubio

Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer, Away


Tina Sharkey

Co-Founder and Co-Chairperson, Brandless


Nola Weinstein

Global Head of Culture, Engagement and Experiential Marketing, Twitter