Building Bridges to Developing Economies: Reports From Field Practice

Building Bridges to Developing Economies: Reports From Field Practice



By 2030, the middle class of the developing world will represent about one-third of the global economy. Today, developed nations fiscally depend on the continued, accelerated expansion of these markets, which have already become the aggregate demand driver of the global economy. To ensure international stability, we must jumpstart inclusive growth that establishes food, health, energy, and water security along with the means to finance them. Innovators will report on new finance facility and development models that have evolved from fieldwork in California, Israel, Africa, India, and Latin America.

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Glenn Yago Senior Fellow and Founder, Financial Innovations Labs, Milken Institute; Senior Director, Milken Innovation Center, Jerusalem Institute

Clare Akamanzi CEO, Rwanda Development Board

Eli Groner
Director-General, Prime Minister's Office, Israel

Peretz Lavie
President, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Janet McKinley
Founder and Principal Investor, Advance Global Capital

Julie Monaco
Managing Director, Global Head Public Sector Coverage, Corporate and Investment Bank, Citi