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Global Capital Markets

Global Capital Markets

December 10 at 12 pm SGT

Markets have been on a roller coaster this year. The pandemic initially caused markets to drop, but with swift intervention by central banks and fiscal stimulus, markets quickly rocketed back up. With growing public and private debt and cash flows still at a trickle for many sectors, what are the impending risks for the direction of capital markets? And are there opportunities in this context that may not be well understood? *This session will be hosted live at the Marina Bay Sands on Wednesday, December 9.

Opening Remarks

Laura Deal Lacey
Executive Director, Asia, Milken Institute


Ilfryn Carstairs 
Co-CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Värde Partners

Heenam Choi 
Chairman and CEO, Korea Investment Corporation

Jennifer Johnson 
President and CEO, Franklin Templeton

Michael Milken 
Chairman, Milken Institute


Haslinda Amin 
Anchor and Chief International Correspondent for Southeast Asia, Bloomberg Television