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Protecting Environmental Assets

Protecting Environmental Assets
Leveraging philanthropy’s strengths to create a healthy planet and safe, resilient communities.

Our well-being as a species depends on clean air to breathe, healthy food to eat, and abundant, clean water to drink. Yet decades of human overuse and abuse is pushing the planet to a breaking point. Climate change, land degradation, and biodiversity loss are at crisis levels, threatening food systems, public health, and putting entire economies at risk. Substantial action is needed immediately to avert the worst impacts and put the world back on track.

Environmental issues are cross cutting, which means that when deployed strategically, philanthropic investments in one issue area can make a positive and sustainable impact on another. With planetary health at a crossroads, philanthropy is poised to convene, share expertise, and leverage financial resources to catalyze change for the environment and support communities who are bearing the brunt of climate change impacts.

A Turning Point for Planetary Health

This Giving Smarter Guide looks the state of environmental philanthropy, and provides an overview of how philanthropy can play a role in saving the planet.

Emerging Zoonotic Diseases and Planetary Health: Stopping the Next Pandemic Before It Starts

Learn how the human and economic toll of COVID-19 has shocked the world into an awareness of the dangers and implications of zoonotic diseases.

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Climate Resilient Infrastructure

This Initiative aims to have a significant effect on the economy, environment, and communities while building long-term resilience and growth for the United States.

Creating Food Systems Change Through an Impact Campaign for a Documentary Film

A story, told well, has the power to change the world by showcasing inequities and presenting opportunities to right wrongs.

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